Cities and Sites of Ancient Sri Lanka

Cities and Sites of Ancient Sri Lanka
ශ්‍රිලංකාව පුරා ඇති ඉතාමත් වටිනා වෙහෙර විහාර/ ප්‍රොරාණික ස්ථානවල ඉතාමත් වටිනා වැදගත් තොරතුරු.

“When the Guide of the World, having acomplished the salvation of the whole world and having reached the utmost stage of blissful rest, was lying on the bed of his nibbana; in the midst of the great assembly of gods, he, the great sage, the greatest of those who have speech, spoke to Sakka’ who stood there near him: `Vijaya, son of king Sihabahu, is come to Lanka from the country of Lala, together with seven hundred followers. In Lanka, O lord of gods, will my religion be established, therefore carefully protect him with his followers and Lanka.

When the lord of gods heard the words of the Buddha he from respect handed over the guardianship of Lanka to the god who is in colour like the lotus. “

from Mahavansa – The Great Chronicle of Sri Lanka

Land of the Buddha